Cookie Co.

Interior Design + Supervision
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The Cookie Co. approached us as not just a bakery, but a fully organic ‘green’ bakery using whole-sourced ingredients and environment friendly materials and wished to represent this ideology in the shop. Initially hoping to have a design that revolved around a tree, we were constrained to a space with zero natural light, which led us to represent the tree conceptually, and created a tangible proposed a wrap-around deconstructed tree.
The site is located adjacent to the entry of the tower. Using this notion of dynamism of the high foot traffic, we developed, the deconstructed tree to begin at the entry doors, and lead you through easy wayfinding to walk past the pastries, cookies, and goods, along to the order point. This allowed us to have three major display points, corridor, front elevation, as well as the corner elevation, pushing us to round the corner and display the special items at eye level for the youngsters.
The parametric form was developed with grasshopper, pushing and pulling the control points to our desired form. The wood panels were form faces were then extracted and laid out on a wood board to be cnc milled. The form was cut and constructed in four parts.