Meshari Clinic

Sharq, Kuwait City
Interior Design
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Meshari Clinic is a healthcare project revolving around the spatial responsibilities of comfort and wellness. The project is made up of 5 storys in an existing tower of 290sqm each, with various clinical specialties.
Located in Kuwait City, the facade faces north with uninhibited view of the Gulf Sea, pushing us to draw a concept that pulls you in on a continuous journey from the elevator entry point to the sea-view window, crossing the check-in counter as well as the coffee bar. This allowed us to push on the concept of open space, unconstrained, clean, clear, and continuous.
Keeping to a monotone palate, we played with materials and variations of white, and added pops of color and patterns using terrazzo to unite the 5 floors in terms of wayfinding of each floor and category. Floor 12 was divided into two sectors, private clinics and office spaces.